Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Tips, Tricks, and Tools

In preparation of my move to the country and as much of a self-reliant lifestyle as possible, I have been doing some research into feeding my livestock.

I don't intend to have a huge herd of cattle, the effort is, I believe, above what I will be able to handle with only one working shoulder, and constant pain in the other. I do however intend to have milk/meat goats, chickens for eggs/meat, and rabbit for the furs and meat.

In March, I purchased chickens, rabbits, geese, and ducks. Not a lot, but I still gotta feed them. To supplement the cost of feed, especially during winter, I found this:

As long as I'm still in town, I have to keep the lawn mowed anyway. I might as well make use of the cuts and store up some dried greens for winter fodder. As it is, I have a portable cage I can put a couple of geese or rabbits in with a few chickens, and let them peck at the grass while its growing long enough that I have to mow.
This should cut a lot of my costs come winter, and it's free for the baling.

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