Sunday, April 20, 2014

Turn Here Rose

Didn't get out to the property much during the week, but spent a good bit of time out there today.
We did get to a mobile home dealership, and looked into financing a mobile home. Cross yer fingers and keep good thoughts going for me, huh?

Anyway, I knew there was a septic system on the property, and after a little research, I got the records from the environmental agency that keeps track of all this shit. I asked for any information they had concerning the installation of the system, and this is the most clear information I got. At least without hiring a survey crew to pinpoint it for me!
Note the Not To Scale annotation!
This is the only visual representation of the location of the septic tank.
Now keep in mind, this land has been growing unchecked for 2 years. The weeds are rampantly overgrown. The ground is littered with dead limbs that have fallen from the fire blackened trees.
Turns out its 70' (more or less) in this general direction (sorta mostly)
There is NO indication where that damned thing is on the property! I spent the better part of my Saturday with a metal pole and a mallet trying to find that sucker. The first two times I thought I found it, I ended up digging up old bricks that had been buried over the years. Keep in mind I'm using a garden trowel due to only one working arm. I got lucky on the third try. Had to move some fallen limbs, and dug down almost dead center on the tank. And after cleaning the entire fucking thing with a trowel, finding first one edge then working my way around, on the last remaining edge I found the cover. Ended up having to use my winch to open it, but it looks to be in perfect working order! The bad news here is I dumped 2 gallons of water in the hole where the toiled used to be located at the house foundation, and nothing came out the bottom end.
Hopefully its just plugged with debris, and I can clean it. When I finally get the well going, which I can't do until I get the electric pole up, which I can't do until I can afford to throw 250.00 dollars into it, I'll run some serious water and see what's up.
See why I need all those good thoughts coming my way?

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Sarthurk said...

My wife's been putting about a roll of TP per day into our septic system. It was pumped 11 years ago, but seriously, how long can this last?
The diagram of my system looks quite similar. Good luck!