Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why Sharia Law works!

Say you have a deadbeat brother. Constantly borrows money, never pays it back, uses your car to go to bars where he ends up getting pulled over and you have to pay impound to get it back, eats you out of house and home, and even keeps forgetting to flush the toilet!

Enter Sharia law; Stage far left!

You go get some bum on the street to whack him. Then, when the bum goes to trial for murder, you 'forgive' him! He walks, your problems gone, and you're out the cost of a bottle of Ripple.

You know that insurance policy your aging folks left for you to take care of their remains, plus a little extra for your trouble. Here you are in financial straights due to the obamaconomy, and they just keep hanging on! WTF?

Again, our hero, Sharia Law enters; This time riding in from above on a drone.

You make a deal with your buddy, who happens to be in the same dire straights due to obamanomics, and you whack each others parents! When you both go to court for murder, you stand, forgive each other, and then go out for a beer to celebrate! How great is that!?

Not buying it? Read this: http://news.yahoo.com/pakistan-woman-stoned-death-family-marrying-man-she-101415740.html

Yep. Sharia Law. And here we've been dealing with a stupid system that puts murderers in jail all this time.

Sharia Law. Coming to a government near you!

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