Thursday, May 1, 2014

Benghazi revisited

Its more or less beating a dead horse at this point, but with the newly released emails provided by the white house, isn't it finally time we held our politicians, especially the Deceiver-In-Chief accountable for allowing the murder of four Americans?

The ONLY reason for perpetrating this deception, that is was all due to a youtube video, was to enable this fucking reprobate to sit his lying ass in the offal office for four more years. It wasn't to ease the burden of losing our countrymen. It wasn't for some noble purpose or to aid in the culmination of a Nobel Peace Prize worthy event.
It was for the political protection of a psychotic emasculate murderer to escape justice and continue on his path of destruction; the ultimate goal of which is the complete dismantlement of the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of this planet in his quest for an Islamic Socialist state.

When will there be enough evidence to put this demon in chains? He has committed acts of treason to make Benedict Arnold worthy of sainthood. He uses his alphabet armies to take from us our hard won money, our land, our freedom, and we sit blithely by thinking, no, HOPING, it won't happen to us.

We, all of us, must not permit this farcical comedy to continue. We expect and demand justice for ourselves, we should most certainly require it of our (so-called) leaders.
Too many in our corrupt government are terrified that if they make a call to action, the waves that result will wash away their own concealment and show the dirty silt of their own political ineptitude, or worse, their outright crimes.

If a filthy perverted president will allow lies and deceptions that cost Americans their lives, how far do you think he will go to retain the power he has usurped. Does anyone actually believe he intends to step quietly aside in 2016? This narcissistic tyrant was willing to blame anyone else for his sins, throughout his terms, and ruined so many lives through both his own actions and those of his three letter minions, how could any sane person believe he is done.

He MUST be tried. He WILL be found wanting. And then, when convicted, made to suffer the consequences of his actions. Whatever they may be...

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