Monday, May 5, 2014

Post Martial Law post

In summary, Stage two martial law will follow a false flag event in which the internet will be taken down. All bank accounts, pension funds and 401K’s will be frozen and stolen. Extreme travel restrictions will be put in place. Random house to house searches will be conducted (Don’t forget about the 386,000 foreign troops which just completed their training on American soil). What will they be looking for? Of course, they will be looking for guns and the false flag events will give them the pretext to do so. And they will also be looking for known trouble makers. We will all be living in a society where we can be singled out for persecution, or worse. We will all have to watch every word we say. As it was in the Soviet Union, your young children will be used to spy upon and tattle on you at their school. And of course, you will be totally dependent upon the government for food, water and shelter. Traveling will be so onerous, that you will be content just to huddle in your home. When the false flag events commence, we will look at these days as the good ‘ole days.

I suppose its a little unusual to begin a post with a summary, after all, doesn't that usually end the article?
In this case, I used the last paragraph of a MUST READ post over at The Pirates Republic to bring to all my readers attention a very eye-opening and informative narrative on what our great nation is going to be like, very soon.
I urge you to read the entire post. And get ready.
Find means to communicate with your group other than electronic media. Stock up, and find places to cache it where it won't be noticed when the jackboots cometh. Buy a piece of shit gun they can find, and keep the good stuff under the floorboards....

Its going to get a lot uglier soon, friends. May we all still be here when it ends.

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