Friday, May 23, 2014

In Today's News...

...Hand Sanitizer Sales Skyrocket In the Nation's Capitol.

Sycophants and suckups were able to touch the hem of their god's robes as he walked 10 feet above the soiled greens of Lafayette Park, smiling benevolently at his herd of sheeple while closely monitoring the healthy sheen of their fleece coats.

YouTube videos abounded with these open-mouthed, drooling idiots who received imperial notice, and actually managed to brush a hand on his gilded sandals as he floated above the masses.

Unfortunately, the contaminated hands of the supplicants that came in contact with his holy self were then used to shake hands, touch, or otherwise spread his filth amongst those who are ever vigilant against the disease of government, who then had to rush out and purchase nearly the entire supply of hand sanitizer in the Washington DC area in order to avoid becoming Democrat.

Watch as these blithering fools demonstrate their adoration HERE.

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