Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson and Whoopie's inane comeback

I was over at The Outrider's blog, and ran across a video of Dr. Ben Carson on 'The View', where he is asked about some of his own views, and of course, these liberal bitches have to make sure they get the last words in. Especially the Queen of Stupid, Whoopie Goldberg.
At the end of the video, Dr. Carson is making a point that welfare systems should be a hand up, and not a hand out. Education, and teaching people how to improve their own lives being paramount.
Just at the end, Whoopie has to state her own liberal lopsided left leaning lunacy, and states that as a (presumably prior) welfare mother herself, she knows that most folks on welfare don't want to be that way, and how the system makes it hard to get off of it, because if you work, they take the welfare away from you.


Isn't that the goal? To go to work, start making your own earned paycheck and get off the government welfare system?
I admit that when my shoulder first got blown off, my wife and I had to apply for foodstamps shortly thereafter, as I had no income. And no, I didn't like being on the SNAP program, (notice how if you use an acronym, it doesn't sound as embarrassing as saying 'food stamps'?), but it was that or not eating, and I was raised to think eating is a good thing. I was also raised that social welfare is a good thing. To help in times of disaster, emergency, or just plain old 'shit happens' scenarios. But you used it only as long as you needed it, then got your ass up and moving to support yourself.

Whoopie wants us to think that its wrong to work when your entire life is already subsidized. You my lose your subsidy! Not everyone has the cute/ugly face she has, nor the high-pitched scratchy voice, to make it as a novelty in showbiz. Not everyone can go from welfare to rich, so its worth it to let go of your subsidization. Most folks actually have to go out and scratch at a living, do without, and suffer a bit of deprivation (like being deprived of their drug fix) to get and keep a job, that usually barely pays enough to make ends meet.

There are two ways to make a living: physical labor, or mental labor. Okay, a third option is a combination of parts of both, but you get my drift. To allow someone who won't work and has no interest in things intellectual to feed off the hard work/mental processes of others isn't welfare, its theft. I wouldn't buy a sheep dog that didn't herd sheep. I wouldn't buy a milk cow if it didn't give milk. I'm not going to pay for feed and upkeep of an animal who doesn't perform the purpose for which I got it. Why should a pay a person's wages who won't work? Or even worse, has never worked!

You want incentive to get folks of welfare? Make public service a condition of receipt. I'm not talking about disability, or paying our veterans, I'm talking about those who are physically capable of performing work being required to do so. Hell, have 'em pick up trash on the side of the highways. Its good enough for our convicts, it should be good enough for our welfare system.

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