Sunday, May 4, 2014

Turn Here Rose

No pictures this week. Sorry. Phone died while I was out there, and I didn't think to bring a charger.

Besides the usual need for more money which is, as far as I can tell, going to be an ongoing and continuing issue, I needed to take some dead cedar trees out where the temporary electric line goes through the burned over woods.

I managed to find a baby generator for around eighty bucks, and it runs enough amps to handle my electric chainsaw. So Friday, after the Missus got home from work, I got some supplies ready, and headed out to Turn Here Rose for a campout. Of course, I didn't bother to check the weather, but pretty much figured no rain. What I didn't figure on was 46 degree weather all night. Not too bad a night overall, but my feet felt like ice and kept me awake most of the time.

I swear, next time I'm taking the generator and a small heater! I can't win with the temps out there!

Anyway, waking up on Saturday, I made some breakfast, fixed my coffee, and got to work on the trees. The first was leaning badly toward the electrical lines near the road, so I tied it off to my winch, and snugged it up real good. Cut my notch, cut the other side, and the tree fell exactly where I wanted. So far so good.
Second tree was nicely straight up and down, and only took a few minutes to notch and drop, and it fell exactly where I wanted it. Until it got hung up in the trees around it, and I ended up having to cut one of them down to drop it.
Third tree leaned out toward the foundation where the old house used to was. Dropped it right there in the layout of the old house. Then spent the rest of the time until Mrs. X came out cutting that one into fire log sized pieces.

Mrs. X wanted to play with the chainsaw, so I showed her how to start the generator, and gave her a quick lesson on chainsaw safe practices. Then set her to work on a tree right by the driveway that has to come out so I can get a building in there. While she did that, I packed up camp.

I know, not too exciting, no pictures, and it kept me from posting all of Saturday with the exception of my usual fare. (I'd got that ready on Thursday....)

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