Monday, May 19, 2014

False flag

We all know government wants to limit those of us who blog domestic terrorist information. (Read that Constitutional posts). But with those enamored of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and everything else out there, where they can post the latest size, shape, texture, and odiferous qualities of their most recent bowel movement, not willing to give an inch when it pertains to restricting their internet, the government has had a hard time of it.
And then there's that whole pesky First Amendment thing. Man! talk about inconvenient!
So they are doing what they always do. Creating a false flag event to engender fear and acquiescence to their agenda.

A teenaged aspiring model was hacked by a classmate, and blackmailed. So what? If its good enough for our government and all that...

But really, is this some kind of shock? Of course there are hackers out there. Keep your fucking computer out of the bedroom, and don't walk around naked in front of it.
Put a piece of opaque tape over your camera.
Don't use it to look up sex between dwarves and fence posts.
Don't do shit online you wouldn't do in public.

And that last one is a biggee. If you put it on line, its public. Period.

But as long as you keep doing stupid shit, and then complaining when it hits the light of day, you are the cause when our government shuts the internet down. For our own protection.
The web is one of our last bastions of intelligence and information sharing. It is one of the few remaining ways to inform other Patriots of activity by the enemy, and organize a show of force when the PTB step over the line.

Granted, everything we post is torn apart letter by letter by some geek in an underground cell for incriminating information, and granted that when we do post something, its immediately public, but our very ability to be public is the only ammunition we have until hostilities finally break out. And its our biggest advantage. We are not ashamed of our activity. We do not hide behind oaken doors with a Stazi soldier guarding it.

We are proud of our country, and proud to spread that feeling.

And the PTB have to shut us down.

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