Sunday, May 18, 2014

Turn Here Rose (or at least some funny pictures....)

Okay, not a lot happened this week. I was going to go out Friday night, but Rose came home from work with a busted exhaust, so I had to wait until Saturday morning to lift the car and see what the problem was. Turned out to be nothing too major, it looked like something hit the pipe and knocked a hole in it. I have some couplings lying around from the last time I had to fix the damn thing, so I just had to cut out the broken part and link it back together. Normally an hours work max, but with only one shoulder, and having to crawl under the car on my back, using only my left hand to do the work, it took me most of the morning, and I was hurting so bad I ended up taking one of  my few prescription meds. I hate taking those things, but sometimes, I ain't got much of a choice if I want to remain functioning....

So, I didn't get out there Friday night or Saturday, and today I just don't feel the motivation. I have the opening cut through the trees for the temporary electric line, still need to purchase the materials to put up the temporary pole and temporary electric box, and temporarily just didn't feel like moving more brick pieces and removing mounds of two year old ash caked inside the foundation.
So there isn't any progress this week, and nothing new to report. So here's some funny and/or weird pictures to enjoy today in lieu of any exciting news from down on the farm:

okay, this doesn't exist. but if it did, I'd own THREE!

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