Friday, May 30, 2014


I love the way he says he was "misled" by reports that were "inaccurate".

How about "I couldn't care less that my senior administrators were falsifying legal documents, as long as I looked good"?

Fucking bureaucrats.

Now I'm listening to some schmuck on the news saying what a fantastic job Shinseki did with the veteran homeless and asking how far Shinseki should go. "Should he fire every administrator who lied to him?"

The answer should be a resounding YES, but you know damn well they won't be.

And a final question. Why is it okay that Obama uses the excuse 'I wasn't informed' or 'I didn't know' and we let HIM get away with it, while firing others who have been 'misled'? Isn't obummer Shinseki's boss? Shouldn't HE be aware?

I ask this because some bitch reporter is asking how the president can NOT fire him for using the excuse 'he wasn't aware'.

Of course, he didn't have to fire him, because even though an hour before, Shinseki gave a speech laying out his future plans, he 'offered his resignation'. What a bunch of bullshit.

Fucking politicians.

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