Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I no longer wish to be included in the masses of idiocy who call themselves americans.
THIS is not the land I was raised to idolize where hard work and honesty paid their own dividends.

Rome fell. Not because of its inept and corrupt leaders, but because of its apathetic populace.

And that brings me to why I choose to no longer be an American. Gladiators once entertained the masses, showing great skill and prowess to entertain the populace.
These days we have musclebound, brain dead ignoramuses who can barely recite the alphabet, and being called great football players, being hailed as heroes while committing every heinous crime on the books, while the fathers of our children glue themselves to the tv, thus perpetuating this circus.
We have cut rate basketball players slandering the US as they kiss up to tyrannical leaders in North Korea, or, while dealing with AIDS, promote their newest brand of 200 dollar shoes that every fucking 'gangsta' thug in the northern hemisphere HAS to own. Even at the expense of forgoing their daily dose of crack. No matter who they have to thieve from.

The 'normal' guy, however, who in no known universe could ever feel himself worthy to lick these
'athlete's' butt crack, live vicariously through the achievement of their 'make believe' line ups and sit in their assigned easyboy in their decked out mancave, blissfully fugued into insensibility by Budweiser and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In order to even EXIST today, one must have HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and two thousand other channels to waste their intelligence on reruns of Gilligans Island, and JackAss nr's 1 thru infinity.

Most 'americans', when the lights go out, are just so much fodder. And the PTB want it that way. If you can't take care of yourself, you HAVE to rely on them. And all they want in return is your fucking SOUL.
The blood of our forefathers has been watered down with the water suckled at the government teat. Those at the original Boston Tea Party were standing against unfair tax on a rich, black, hearty brew. Today's Tea Party sips a sweet chamomile while doing little more than complain that the government isn't 'fair'. Much like a little boy being told he can't have another cookie. Our forefather's carried single shot black powder long guns for defense and the occasional meat for the cook pot. Today, our 'mighty' warriors own semi-automatics, and handguns that can take down a fucking buffalo, but are afraid to bring them out of their 'man cave' for fear of the PTB taking them away.

I hereby RENOUNCE my title as an American. I no longer choose to be counted among the herd of sheep who bahhh down to a government that no longer is of the people, but out for themselves.
I've had it. I'm done. The only thing left you can take from me is my life. I am sovereign of my own soul. I WILL stand for this country.  But the masses of sheep who live here and call themselves "American" while letting the soul of this land be sucked dry have blackened the proud name of the nation. How can anyone take pride in an appellation used for people who allow themselves to be led by a lying mulato who takes no pride in either side of his color spectrum, is destroying the very country that (unbelievably) voted him into office not once, but TWICE, who strives for one world order, while destroying the dollar that has been the unit of exchange used across the entire planet!

Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather not be included in your senseless census.

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