Monday, May 19, 2014

Of cats and dogs

I like dogs. Dogs are like people. All different shapes and sizes and 'size don't matter". I've seen a tiny dog no more than five pounds chase off a dog that had to weigh at least eighty pounds. They can be protective, loyal, gentle, mean, psychopathic killers or nurturing assistants to the disabled.
They are individually minded, yet in a pack will go along with whatever the pack does in a semblance of mob mentality. I generally like all individual dogs, yet am leery when confronted by a group.
In short, they are a lot like people, and I relate to them relative to that. There is no determining who or what a person is by size, demeanor, or appearance at any given time. The same is true with dogs.
Most individual people have a lot to offer when you get to know them, and all of them have their faults. Dogs are no different, and the largest, ugliest dog you ever see could be the sweetest most loyal companion a person could want, and the smallest, prettiest little doggie with all the bows and curls could rip into you with no provocation whatever.

But cats are like women. I don't understand them at ALL.

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