Friday, May 30, 2014

She really DOES want your pecker. Just not attached to you....

Okay, MEN, get your bug out bag, grab all the ammo you can carry, load your weapons and head for your hideout. They're coming for your....

When it comes to horrible mass killings in America, the assailant is almost always male. Many see that gender reality as crucial to understanding gun violence in America. The New Statesman's Laurie Penny argues that "if you think for one second, for one solitary second, that demanding tolerance for men as a group, that dismissing the reality of violence against women because not all men kill, not all men rape, if you think that's more important than demanding justice for those who have been brutalized and murdered by those not all men, then you are part of the problem."

You can click anywhere on the above paragraph to read the rest of the article, but why bother? If you have a penis, you are a mass murdering psychopath.

Your gun isn't the problem. The fact that you are mentally deranged isn't the problem. The problem is you have a set of balls.
And there are those out there as desiring of cutting them off as there are those wanting to take your guns. Or preferably your balls AND guns...
I'd say if they want the first, they damned well better take the last! I can always get another gun, criminals manage to all the time...the boys, however...

I blame all these 'so understanding,' wanna-be-women, faggots out there. And the 'metrosexual' so-called man wearing his makeup and carrying a man-bag. See, if a queer identifies himself as a 'woman', of course he's going to be the perfect 'girlfriend' for the ladies. (S)he's soooo understanding, and absolutely no threat whatsoever. It isn't going to steal her man, because he's one of us Neanderthal's who goes out and shoots a rabbit with a howitzer to put meat on the table, and if she's single, none of the hairy knuckle types she goes for would give it the time of day, so it's no competition.
And hey, I got no problem with that. You ain't gonna breed, so at least you won't be pissing in the gene pool. You 'guys' wanna fuck each other, go for it. Do your thing, whatever that is. Leaves more gals for us Neanderthals.

And yes. I AM talking about sex. Good ol' man-on-top-get-it-over-with-go-have-a-sandwich SEX.
I like sex. Sex is fun. Sex is good. And I have had what I would consider my share of willing female partners who felt the same way, and some even made me the sandwich. They seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I did.
There was never any rape, although one lady I knew liked to pretend.... But I digress.

Ladies: I'm sorry. Not for my actions or thoughts, but for the fact that not all of us can be Barry Obama. Some of us ride motorcycles without a helmet, not girly bikes with a safety hat. Some of us go out hunting, and eat what we kill, We can't all eat keesh (real men can't even spell q-u-i-c-h-e) and cold potato soup delivered to us by the secret service disguised as a waiter. Some of us occasionally pee on the seat. Not because we mean to, but because unlike barry obama, we stand up when we pee.
But we vicious, mentally deranged Neanderthals blessed with the Y chromosomes are those who will come to your rescue when people like obama will throw you at the mugger in order to escape. We are the ones who feel it is normal to want to support our ladies, comfort them, protect them, and provide hearth and home.

If you think for one minute I feel bad because of who and what I am, you are a sad, miserable, little shrew and all you will ever get from me is my pity.(I can't speak from experience, but I'm told a woman's orgasm from S E X can make everything from her hair to her toes curl....again, I'm just going by what I've been told...)  Robert A. Heinlein summed it up when he said something to the effect that "a TRUE woman takes her pride off with her knickers and does her whorish best."
I would add to this that when needed, she also rolls up her sleeves to work beside her man, has his babies, cares for him when he's all whiny and annoying because he's sick, can reload, and shoot straight when needed, raise the kids, keep the house and the checkbook, make a great dinner from anything, and do all this while driving to the store to pick up a six of Old Milwaukee and a porno flick at the nudie video store. But of course, maybe that's just me...

And a TRUE man* adores her, appreciates her, cherishes her, and loves her! I know I do!

*(Guys, I know for a fact doing dishes once a year or so won't remove the callouses, and you wouldn't believe the appreciation sex! She might even get one of those flicks with TWO girls...)

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