Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

As we go into the evening of the last day of our three day weekend, after all the cookouts, beer, time spent with family and friends, lets take a solemn moment to remember our fallen who gave their all to protect those freedoms that we still enjoy today.

Despite our own governments determination to undermine the Constitution, we still have the greatest nation ever to exist on the face of the planet. Let us take a moment while we think back on those we have actually known who have not come back from foreign lands, having been sent there at the whim of a faceless government unconcerned and uncaring of the families needing them here at home. A government that spends the lives of our brave in the endeavor for political gain. What do we gain from these wars on foreign soil? The hatred of those we fight against, and the indifference of those we fight with.
Let us think of these brave soldiers who were brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives for just a few moments now. Let us remember them in honor. These are the ones who at the bequest of an unfeeling government gave their all in the cause of freedom, but usually for other people than their own, while their own families languish under the dictates and tyranny of our current regime.

And now let us take a moment and give a solemn thought to other soldiers who we tend to overlook in our desire to honor those lost in more recent wars. Let us remember those who gave their lives in the war to create this great nation. Those many of the original three percent who perished at the hands of soldiers fighting for tyranny. These too were our brothers. These it were that gave rise to our Constitution, and chose to protect not a foreign ideal, but his own family on his own soil. These men stood and said "enough", and when the tyrannical powers that were would not relent, he stood armed in defiance. And won life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that is every persons right for our ancestors, allowing them to live free. Though it cost him his own life.

Remember our fallen. Those who fight today at the whimsical direction of a commander-in-chief who has never been in harms way nor holds to the ideals of the Constitution, and also to those of our forefathers who gave their all to give us this great country our own government would now destroy.

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