Monday, May 19, 2014

My view of The View

Let me preface this with the disclaimer that I do NOT watch The View! I was sitting at my computer, busting out yet another insightful and world changing post, and the television was blathering in the background.
I happened to catch the phrase "beaten and in the hospital", and thinking it was yet another story on standard police procedure toward a broken taillight, I turned to watch.
It turned out the 'conversation' between these liberal twits was concerning a man whose two year old daughter had dropped a kitten in the pool, and it drowned. So, wanting to teach his daughter and give her a lesson, (and with another adult in the pool!) he tossed her in the pool.
There wasn't any danger to this little girl. And although I'm not sure that was the way to teach a life lesson to her, or if she even learned anything from it, no harm, no foul.
Hell, my granddaughter at two years old would come running to be thrown in the pool, trusting that Grandpa would never let her come to harm. Today at six the little brat swims like a fish, and I don't worry about her accidentally falling into a pool and drowning if my attention were to wander for a moment (ie: get a fresh beer...).
So with all that said, the man was stupid enough to put a video of this online (When will all these asshats learn to keep videos of themselves off the net?) and the end result from our liberal society was the father was sent to prison. Where he was beaten by other inmates. Which put him in the hospital.

What possible purpose was served by putting a man in prison for trying to be a good father? And don't send me a bunch of hate email saying how wrongheaded I am to condone this type of behavior toward children. This is my blog and my opinion. Besides, I learned to swim when my (family member who shall not be named) rowed me out to the middle of a fucking lake, threw me in, and rowed away. Trust me, I learned to swim pretty fast.

Yet how in any way is it justifiable to take the child's father away, and incarcerate him? Sentence him  to parenting class! Give him sensitivity training. Turn him into another  namby-pamby liberal pussy if you must, but don't ruin his life and put him in with murderers and child molesters because you feel he went overboard in trying to raise his daughter right.

And these liberal fucking mental midgets were incensed. At the man lying in the hospital. Not the system that put him there. Because THEY didn't agree with his behavior.

My view of The View: Wait until they do something that someone else doesn't agree with and put their sorry ass in prison. Or confiscate their house or car. Give them the same treatment they condone for others.

In short: Fuck 'em! (What kind of fucking name is "Whoopie" anyway?)

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