Tuesday, May 20, 2014

this shit is getting old

Once again, I found a YouTube video I found interesting, this one by a man calls hisself Wild Bill for America.
Watched one, followed the link to the next, then on the next link I got this:
I can go to any YouTube and view all the kitty fluff videos I want, been when I try to get back to Wild Bill, all of a sudden the page can't be displayed.
Third time this shit has happened to me in the last four days.
So: NSA, can I PLEASE watch anti-government subversive domestic terrorist (Constitutional) shit on my computer? Please?
And PS: Fuck obama!

1 comment:

Dick said...

I'm a fan of Wild Bill's. He has a ton of videos posted.
I just went to YouTube using both Firefox and Chrome and had no trouble clicking to all his videos. I can only guess it is your provider.