Saturday, May 17, 2014

What do you mean "if"?

I keep hearing things like “if we go to war against the government” and “when we go to war with our government”. There are two basically wrong thoughts going on here: 1. Its not our government that is the problem, it’s the current and past administrations pandering to the monetary elite in order to line their own pockets and maintain their positions of power, and 2. We are already at war with the current regime.

Look up war in the Oxford dictionary (United States) for the definition. Or you can go to Wikipedia, or any online dictionary, but I still like the feel of a solid tome of knowledge in my hand. You will find invariably that the first and foremost definition will either be this, or almost the same: A state of armed conflict between different nations or states of different groups within a nation or state.

And for those of you who feel the need for an ‘open declaration of war’ against us, pick any one of the following: The War on drugs, the War on poverty, the War on Terrorists. Pay special attention to that last one. WE are the ‘domestic’ terorrists they are referring to. Our government no longer has branches, it has ‘agencies’. And these agencies have the power to create and implement ‘rules’ that have no requirement to pass through congress, yet have the strength of laws, with their own fines and punishments. We have armed ‘security’ forces within agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Why? Were they concerned that the desert tortoise was going to rise up in protest against the cows grazing their land and they might be caught in the crossfire? I gotta say, I’ve grown up around woods, farms, ponds, and have been in forests and desserts on a number of different continents, and have never, in half a century, seen a turtle flattened by some inconsiderate and self-aggrandizing bovine.

And now the government has placed an order for .40 Cal. Smith and Wesson machine guns, with evil ZOMG 30 round magazines! For the USDA!

What they’re really doing is organizing a major army, spreading their numbers between as many acronym agencies as possible in an attempt to conceal their activity. Anyone who follows the ‘alternative media’ (that’s us, folks) has seen all these things and we understand the real motivations of PTB.

They have militarized the police forces, and removed even the idea that they are there to ‘protect and serve’. Small towns have armored tanks and it would be difficult to determine any difference between an ‘average’ swat team and a military recon patrol group.

Here’s where we’re at in this war. They have the intelligence gathering systems in place, and are already listing who is going to be a problem, and who is a mindless automaton blindly willing to follow their orders. We have the internet (so far!) and try to wake as many of these sheeple as we can.

They have security. They meet openly in offices of power, where we the people can’t follow. They make plans of operation, organize logistics, move troops where and when needed, maintain open supply lines to their forces, and have the financial backing of being able to print their own funds. And if necessary, they keep tabs on all of us, and know where the ‘hidden’ caches are.

Target stores informed a girl’s father recently that his daughter was pregnant by the items she had bought there. So they sent coupons ‘target’ing the new mother to be. Big mess that one caused….

They know where we shop, they know what we buy and how much. Your sooper seekrit retreat is shown on their operational maps with quantities annotated of weapons, ammo, number of grains of rice, and directions on how to get there and where the best spots for snipers are. And the mere fact of calling it a ‘retreat’ means you’ve already given up.

They do not want open conflict. Because of their intel, they know the power we have available to raise against them. And they aren’t convinced that they have the people cowed enough to not go against them should it come to open war. And the fact that we are so spread out, and our numbers are growing as they increase their injustices on the American people, has them scared.

There are not many more options open to them. In my not-so-humble opinion, I believe we will have a major false flag, or purposely created national emergency where they call martial law for the protection of the herd. Kind of like a shepherd rounding up his sheep and putting them in FEMA pens to keep the wolves outside the fence, then butchering them for his own use.

We have Patriots. And guns. And a desire to set our country back on the path to freedom. And for now, that has been enough to keep the wolves at bay.

May we always have Patriots!


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