Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Holy War has its points...

Okay, if you read my blog, you may know I'm not Christian. I was raised to be; mostly Mormon. And if you can stand them long enough, you'll note they are nothing more than a cult of prima donnas and hierarchical egotists intent on engaging the adoration of their sycophantic following. But I digress.

This wasn't intended to be a post about my personal feelings on any religion. I am not a Christian, but I am spiritual. I realize that sounds all new-agey and shit, but its true. I find peace in the woods, comfort in quiet solitude, and a revitalization interacting with natural things. Maybe I'm more of an anti-societist? I don't know all the answers, and I don't care. I'm still trying to learn most of the questions.

But I do know that Catholic, Baptist, JW, Wicca, heck, even Islam are all supposedly based on a belief in goodness. I say supposedly, because more pain and suffering has been inflicted on persons of all nationalities because of faith in one deity or another than all the political wars combined. And those 'holy' wars have never solved anything. You cannot change a persons faith by force.

But you can change their actions. You can save an American woman and her two American children from being incarcerated, and the mother beaten and killed, by force. This is not a religious matter to me. This is about rights. What we in this community here online believe is the number one reason to limit government and religious influence. We would stand against a 'national' religion as strongly as we do a central government attempting to control us.. Most of us could give a shit about Islam if they didn't try to force their belief on us. Of course that whole killing of non muslims is pretty much a deal breaker too...

So why then are we allowing this incarceration to continue? We hear very little about this from the mainstream media. I personally have heard nothing from our government. But then I wouldn't expect to. Our president is admittedly muslim, our congress cowards who prefer to remain in the lap of luxury their position entitles them to, and 'we the people' are impotent. Collectively, we couldn't get it up if 72 virgins were dancing naked in front of us while getting a blow job at the same time.

It is time for a Holy War. Against one prison, in one small area of one pissant country. If we can send in Seal Team Six to kill OBL, can we not send in a team to rescue an American citizen? But what about the political repercussions, you ask? Fuck em. It used to be the world knew you didn't fuck with America. Now? Not so much. We need to find that streak of American pride and dignity that our government has destroyed. We lay claim to a willingness to give our lives in the cause of freedom, while allowing another's freedom to be taken for the crime of being Christian. We are cowards, and we are hypocrites. We cry 'Let slip the dogs of war' when it comes to our families, but let our neighbors be held in governmental bondage. We proclaim 'I am an American', yet let one of our own languish in a foreign prison, awaiting death. I feel a deep shame in my impotence. In my inability to come to this woman's aid. I always thought that's what we elected officials in Washington to address. It is hard enough to admit the weakness in one's self, but to lose faith in those we elect to protect our freedoms as we watch them take those same freedoms from us is devastating.

But then I just recalled a somewhat similar situation. Benghazi. I guess being an American is no longer what it once was...and we as Americans no longer as resolute in our so-called faith as our forefathers. Keep in mind that your children and grandchildren are going to be asking you the same thing the young boy incarcerated with his mother and new baby sister in Sudan is asking:

I wonder what answer I'll give.


Chris Mallory said...

She isn't an "American" woman. She is a Sudanese woman married to an American.

Honestly, it is none of our business.

Xenolith said...

Looks like I might have hit a nerve here. Sorry, but married to a US citizen pretty much takes care of any ambiguity. And the children, HIS children, ARE American by right of birth. And just my personal opinion is that even if she weren't by definition an American, I'm sick of these 'peaceful' islamist fucks, and wouldn't mind ANY excuse to wipe out the radical extremists of that particular fanatical sect.