Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Politically INCorrect

I got nothin'. Apparently, even those who regularly post disdainful content about the obummer administration and his ilk are so worn out with his excesses and the same old shit day after day and week after week they have all grown weary. Can't say I blame them.

I go through my email, my facebook, (I HATE facebook!) and a number of blogs I follow, and it seems we have all given up on anything changing. We're all holding our breath waiting for it to come to a head. Kind of like a pimple that hurts like hell, but until it hits the surface, you just wait. Sort of like when you have diarrhea, and you feel it building like mount Vesuvius. Nothing you can do until it explodes, and then you just hope to Ralph Nader you're in a position that it does the least damage.

Making light of the subject, ridiculing those who are so ridiculous, is a lot of laughs. And its our right. Free speech and all that.

But when folks STOP laughing, and the room falls silent, the comedian knows he's losing the crowd. We are the audience. We have paid our admission to this country through years of taxation, laws we don't understand, subservience to those who would now rule us.
What do you do when you pay for performance, you get watered down beer, a clown instead of a comedian, you've paid for parking, and the club staff tells you to go fuck yourself. But don't forget to tip!?

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