Monday, April 14, 2014

I have absolutely no use for oathkeepers

Read that headline again. The reason I have no use for them, is because I am one.
I have been a subscriber to the Oath Keepers newsletter for some time. In my opinion, they are as much oath breakers as the current individual whose ass sits in the highest chair in the country in the oval office.
I am a Patriot. I am a veteran. I swore an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.
I did not swear an oath to pay lip service to the Constitution, and solicit 'donations' from fellow Patriots to uphold that oath.
Every single newsletter, email, urgent update I have received from them has told me to send them money to keep their good works going. If they'd stop telling me how much my money helps, and start telling me how much they can help, I might contribute.
Here's where I stand: I am a Patriot. I am a veteran. I swore an oath. And I don't give my word lightly.
We are coming to a place where those who took an oath will be required to stand by it. To live up to the moral obligation to adhere to their word.
I don't believe Oath Keepers has that integrity. If I'm wrong, I will apologize as publicly as I denigrate their integrity here. But not until I see the bottom line where they spend even 25% of their solicited donations on restoring America. They seem to thrive on the tenet that it's every dog for himself. I'm sorry, but I don't believe a pack can survive without cohesion. And I don't believe they are out for the pack.

An oath to watch out for your own best interest, doesn't interest me at all.

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