Friday, April 25, 2014

Why do I always have to rescue these curs?

Scooter was being poisoned by mange treatments at 6 weeks old, Petey was thrown in a dumpster, Roscoe was being slowly starved to death. And now this mutt.

I kept Scooter as my dog after managing to save his scabrous ears. Petey became Rose's dog after she cleaned him up and he crawled in her lap. Roscoe I fattened up and my granddaughter and him hit it off, and he's well taken care of.

Now I got a new mutt I named Mutt that came to me literally covered with ticks. I lost count at 170 or so, got her in the tub, and found still more with only their butts sticking out from inside this poor dog's skin. I actually had to stab pointed tweezers into this mutt to grip them! And she took it like a champ!

She is sweet as hell, and even allowed me to lay her on her side in the tub, while I picked and pulled on her, then she got to know Scooter and Petey, and met my chickens. My dogs she got on with right off the bat. Chickens on the other hand sent her running across the yard with her tail between her legs. Not exactly guard dog material, but I'll work with her and see what I can come up with.

Got to get her fattened up first...

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