Friday, April 25, 2014

Consumer review - boots

First a little history: I wear cowboy boots. I always have, and I always will. I plan to buy a fire retardant pair before I die 'just in case...'
And I don't wear them for the pretty. I ain't no Dandy. My boots are scuffed and scraped from day one. Boots are an example of a man's personality and the scrapes on a boot are kinda like the laugh lines on an old man's face. Personality.
I have worn Durango boots for the past 7 years. My first pair wore out after four years, and my last pair was a Christmas present from my blushing bride December 2010.
Well, even the best made boot wears out eventually, and I put mine through hell. Here's where the sole finally separated from the leather upper. You can see these poor things had a hard life, and finally just wore plumb out. I think she paid around $180 at the time she bought 'em.
Poor thing looks kinda like an old toofless gator...
So I had to break down, sadly lay my old friends to rest, and go get another pair. My wife took me to Western Wear in Moore, OK, and while I went straight to the Durangos, she browsed. She came back with a pair of Laredo Piamosas she liked, and I went along with it. These are more dandified than I usually go for, but if the Missus is happy, that's enough for me. (And besides, they ain't gonna look dandy for long, trust me!)
These boots were on some kind of sale they had going on and cost me right around 98.00. I wore them out of the store, and caught my foot on the door edge getting into the car. Scrape #1, two minutes old. So I'm right on schedule....

I told you I wear my boots rough. I really don't give a rat's red rumpus how scraped up they are, as long as it ain't my own feet getting these cuts and gouges I put in my boots! I expect them to look worked in. Boots ain't fer pretty.

Any way, here's my brand new pair of Laredos less than TWO months after I bought them:
That's the right hand boot seam coming apart. Less than two months old.
Now you can see these boots go through a lot. They're pretty scuffed up. But here's the main ad from their website:

See there in the ad where it says "for a night out or to work every day"? I call bullshit!
So for this consumer, it's Durangos from now on. Laredo can keep their sissified pieces of cow manure. Fancy sewing of a pretty design on the leather uppers shouldn't be compensation for shitty sewing on the seams...
Now if you'll excuse me, I got to go dig out my leather awl. It ain't gonna be pretty, but when I'm done, it'll damn sure HOLD.


Huckleberry said...

I prefer heading Pecos they feel like your barefoot and generate last 2 to 3 years I
still have every pair I ever owned and could somewhat mix and match and no one would ever know

Anonymous said...

Fucking auto correct should have said Redwing Pecos and generaly last 2 to 3 years