Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FBI tracking based on First AND Second Amendment

According to an article at SHTFPlan, an FBI agent entered a South Carolina gun shop, dropping flyers of  'actions of interest' in persons purchasing guns, ammo, etc...
However, what surprised the owners the most was his statement regarding what he was most interested in tracking.
According to the witness, the agent stated, “If you see some Middle Eastern guy come in. You don’t have to be so worried about that. What we’re really looking for are people talking about being sovereign such as sovereign citizens or people talking about Big Government.”
While this is no great surprise in and of itself, (the government has been doing this for awhile), the comments made by this agent show that TPTB are getting nervous, and looking for individuals who may be exercising their First Amendment right of free speech to state their views on Big Government.
Those of us who blog about these actions of our government are assuredly already on the list they are forming of 'malcontents', so this isn't that great a concern. We as Patriots already know that the government is our enemy. We know that they consider us radical terrorists for loving our freedoms. And like any side in a war, they are gathering intelligence. More and more people are waking from the feeding trough and noticing they've been placed in wooden stanchions to be sheared at will, and the numbers are starting to make them sweat. Sheeple who have long been inured to the excesses of our government are waking up. I personally believe the time will not be long now until they try a massive culling of the flock to make a statement: If you don't do as we say, you will be jailed (or worse). Resistance to the regime will not be tolerated. Comply, or suffer.

We saw some of this at the Bundy ranch most recently. "First Amendment zones" designed to tell us where we could exercise our free speech against tyranny. We have the 'Patriot Act', which is anything but patriotic. Constant attempts at gun registration/control. Closing national parks to show us they will do what they want to make our lives uncomfortable if we fail to bend to their edicts.

This tyranny is not going to subside. Historically, no tyrant has willingly given back the power he has taken. Our president is no exception, nor are the sycophants in our government from Biden down to a great number (most?) of city/town officials. Most of our police force is now a standing army loyal to  the regime.

Our only hope is to keep each other informed, spread the word of their actions, and resist. Passively for now, but we all know that won't change anything. Action is needed. Action is going to be forced upon us. We must not let fear of reprisal lead us into complacency. If the jackboots kick in my door, they will be met with any and all resistance I can muster. If my only contribution to freedom is the ultimate sacrifice, hopefully that will incite others to fight in the belief that our children should have the freedoms restored that our great nation was built on, and that have been slowly destroyed by those who would have us serve them rather than them serving us.

The Constitution is not a piece of yellowed parchment to be cast aside. It is a written statement of our ideals, our rights, and our freedoms. It is to be venerated, taught to our children, given back its power of law as written. Where I walk, that is land on which the Constitution prevails. We must walk this path together, taking looooong strides!

God bless America. And God Bless her Patriots.


Jesse in DC said...

I finally figured out what has been bugging me about this story. Where is the name of the fucking FBI "agent". What kind of un American mother fucker would sit and take a briefing from his (or her) bosses, and accept it as the truth? They are old enough to know better, and have no doubt encountered people with a conserative bent before. We need the names of the public servants that insist that somehow we, American Citizens, are the problem. They need to be shunned. They should not be able to buy a tank of gas, groceries, or anything else. If they think WE are the problem, then THEY ARE the problem, and should be treated accordingly. Enough is enough.

Xenolith said...

Always good to hear from y0u, Jesse. Especially when I couldn't agree more with you!~
But that would be entirely too easy. Like posting the names of gun owners in the local paper, we need a list of government agents. Preferably with address, work address, route to work, that sort of thing...