Monday, April 21, 2014

Here they come...

I just watched a completely enjoyable video of MSNBC's Chris Hayes getting his ass kicked by Assemblywoman Fiore from Nevada.
She makes a number of pertinent points about the Bundy standoff, while Hayes tries to defend the government's actions in coming in Mafia style and trying to strongarm an American citizen over a bill payment.

One of the interesting comments from Hayes was that what's the big deal over slaughtering cattle that are just going to be slaughtered anyway? Totally disregarding the question of who owns the cattle in the first place, and where the beef is going once the cattle are killed. Somehow, I doubt Bundy will be getting any money from it. And he ends his ridiculous tirade with: "Enjoy the barbecue". Which is only showing the petty attack mode of the left when confronted with the truth.

Its only a few minutes or so long, and Fiore asks some telling questions. None of which. of course, Hayes answers. However, he does do one helluva Texas Twostep dancing to the beat of liberal rhetoric.

Go ahead, watch the video. I ain't goin' nowhere.

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