Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'll eat pretty much anything that ain't movin'....

...and if you chew it enough, it'll stop!

The missus and I are sitting here while she performs her favorite finger exercise: Channel flipping. Usually just about the time I start to get interested in what's currently on.
She paused at "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern'. He's currently going on a funky food fest in Ecuador. And I actually like this show, because during my Navy days, I made it a point to eat the weirdest shit I could find in any port I happened to be in.
Today, he's having cuye. Pronounced coo-ee. Its what we more commonly call guinea pig.
We watched while the cute little darling children's pet was cooked over open coals, and subsequently devoured.
My wife noticed my interest in the show and told me, "Don't even THINK about it!".

Too late. I'm thinking about it...Why the hell does she think I keep rats?

1 comment:

Phil said...

Chili powder dude.

I use it on everything.