Saturday, April 19, 2014

A matter of perspective

Harry Reid, discussing the people who came to Cliven Bundy's defense, called those who made a stand 'domestic terrorists'.

I'm not going into the legal battle of either side. But I do have issue with calling Americans, standing up for an American, terrorists, domestic or otherwise. Had I had the means, I'd have probably been there. And by my perspective, I'm a Patriot.

The problem in perspective here is in the meaning of the terms. A terrorist is a person who will stoop to anything to gain control. A Patriot is someone who stands up for the rights of Americans and the Constitution.

By my own perspective, it is the federal government who are the terrorists. The 'upholders of the law' who stood in protection of those stealing cattle were fully prepared to shoot American citizens if so directed. They were the first to bring weapons on the scene in order to enforce their 'authority'.

Those who stood against them, blocking trucks, calling them out, those were Patriots. Kneeling in prayer before a determined march against tyranny is not terrorism. It was the government using terror tactics to force another person to comply that was terrorism!

As long as the Bundy's did not threaten unwarranted violence against our oppressors, there was no need to bring in snipers and jackboots.

We have already reached a turning point in our country. Whether the world as we know it implodes or not; whether our infrastructure fails, whether the lights go out, these are secondary to our survival at this point. If we do not correct the direction of government tyranny now, all the rest will follow. Our only hope to survive as a viable nation is to reinstitute the tenets of the Constitution. Leave us alone, and we can take care of ourselves. Neighbor will help neighbor when there's need, and our old and young will be cared for. Take all aspects of our lives and put them in the control of big government, and remove the right to care for and support your own, it all falls apart when the government becomes to top heavy to support its population.

Our infrastructure is going to hell. Rather than building, we are repairing. If that. Our government keeps stacking new bricks on top of the old in order to make everything look shiny and new. Constantly adding layer after layer of false facades in order to give the impression that all is okay.

If I built a stack of bricks, adding brick upon brick, one per day, in a year, maybe two, the brick on the bottom is going to decay. It may not be visible, but the integrity of the bottom brick is slowly being compromised. One day, too much sun, wind, rain, freezing and thawing, this brick is going to crumble. And it doesn't matter if my tower is now tall enough to see over the horizon, the whole thing falls. And those shiny new bricks on top? Not even Barack Almighty Obama can stop gravity from causing them to shatter.

Good luck in the future, my fellow terrorists (AKA Patriots). We can only try not to be too close when the bricks eventually fall...

H/T to Wirecutter for the link above!

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