Sunday, April 6, 2014

We don't shoot our food anymore.

We, as a nation, started giving away our 2nd Amendment rights when we allowed government to control our sustenance hunting. By telling us when we can shoot and what we can shoot, and limiting the number of times we can do it, we began the long slide down the path of total government control.
Of course, there are a lot more mouths out there now then there were back then, and I personally doubt there'd be all that many big game animals alive today if everyone could go our and kill Bambi anytime they felt like 'manning up'.
"Ugh, Me big hunter! Me kill rabbit with howitzer!"

But that is just one of the many things we have given the government and one of the most important. Once we gave up our right to feed our families, we began to relinquish all of the other rights that made this America. Consider this: If you had to butcher and cure any meat animal you killed, or pay to have it done, shooting a deer would get old fast. It wouldn't be the thrill of the ONE time a year you get to go shoot an animal you don't really need for sustenance. (Although a nice venison steak is a pretty good thing!)

But we allowed government, and its three letter agencies to tell us what we could or could not do, for our own good. And quite frankly, I reckon people aren't as stupid as all that. I don't see cows going extinct. Granted we ranch herds of cattle to ensure there are plenty around, but that's because there is no open season on them. You can kill one of them pretty much anytime you feel like it, at least if you own it, and there are no questions asked. You can raise your own for food and butcher it when you want. I know people who perform the same sort of animal husbandry on the deer on their land. They put out corn feeders, and bales of hay in the winter, then once a year, they pay the government to kill one.

This whole post began as a rant about letting the government slowly erode our rights since the time of the founding of this great country. We see it as the norm that we are told what we can do and when we can do it. We laugh at the idiocy of a pissant little country like North Korea going so far as to tell their citizens what haircut they must have. It's extremely entertaining to contemplate a government so far out of control, and unbelievable that the rabble allow it.

But how much farther down that road are WE going to go? Soon we will run out of three letter combinations for all of our Ruler's agencies. We pay to live on our own land, we pay to feed our families, we pay for light, heat, cold, and even pay for filtered air! How much further down that road will we allow our owner's to lead us.

I actually do think that hunting laws for the sake of conservation are a good thing, I like to see a deer out in a field at sunrise. But considering there is no conservation of cows, do you honestly believe they will become extinct? Hell no, not as long as there is enough profit to be made.
And people will never be extinct either. There is too much profit for those who farm us.

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