Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why I'm always in the doghouse....

The Missus and I are taking it a little easy today. It being Easter, and my shoulder giving me hell, so we're in relax mode participating in one of our favorite brain-dead pastimes: Watching really bad movies.

Today's movie, about a big ass spider, is called "Big Ass Spider".

As we're sitting here watching this spider, now 10'high or so and still growing, its running rampant in a city park, spitting webbing, acid, and using its legs as spears to stab everyone it comes across. As it comes up on a group of scantily clad college aged girls playing volleyball. The BAS shoots a web out, engulfing one of the bikini babes, and pulls her through the air to its dripping, gory fangs, I made the comment "Maybe they should call this movie 'How to pick up girls in one easy lesson'".

My wife looked at me asked "What? Wrap them in silk?"

I gave her my biggest shit eating grin and said: It's worked for me before.....

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