Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Sunday Trivia that was....

As of yesterday, at the ripe old age of 50, I became a land owner.
Now, I got started reading blogs reading some guy who had a blog all about his land, and what he did on it every day.
There's another blog I follow that has become little more than a blog about some guy moving to his new place.
I'm not going to do either of those. Much.
Sunday will be an update to my land. I have a lot of work to do. Remove all the fire debris from the foundation that's still there, clear land for crops and critters, try to become self sufficient while building a life.
I'm starting out in a fifth wheel that I don't think anything works in, but its a roof and walls while I find something of a permanent nature and I can sleep in while working out there during the days I stay over.

I will get some pictures in next Sunday's post, so ya'll can see what I'm up against. Its a long row to hoe, and gonna be tough with only one working shoulder and pain in the other, but I got nothing but time, and an iron will and determination.

Bless all of you who have stood with me for the last 8 months posting here, and I look forward to a long time and many posts more!

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Phil said...

As for the 5th wheel, I lived in ratty RV trailers you could literally see through the seams, dealt with huge water leaks, broken water lines, furnaces that almost blew me out the door and every other nightmare you can possibly imagine in several different trailers and RV's.

All of them mostly rolling scrap heaps, until the last one. A 35' Fifth wheel in decent shape I got for $1100.

The very first thing I did was to rip out the broken plastic toilet and install a real, porcelain flush toilet.

That thing was pretty nice. The fridge didn't work so I bought a half sized one cheap and I was set.
I pulled it in the park I was at, hooked it up and had the local drug fiends scrap out the old one for the metal.

You don't have to worry so much about constant rain or below freezing weather so much so you should be able to make the thing livable easy enough as long as it isn't completely fucked up.

Craigslist baby.
It's amazing what you can find there.

Good luck and I want pictures dammit.