Sunday, April 13, 2014

Turn Here Rose

Okay, the Missus and I spent most of Saturday out on our somewhat empty farm, which we have decided in a moment of whimsy to call Turn Here Rose farm. (Every time we go out there, she misses the driveway! And I told her I was going to put a big sign over the gate saying "Turn Here, Rose!)

Not a lot going on out there at the moment. Apparently we can't get a permanent electric pole installed by the power co-op until we have a permanent structure there. Even though the electric utility pole is still in place. Its just behind the foundation we will be either building on or putting a trailer, depending on fate.
They will hook power from the line next to the road to a temporary pole I have to install first. Seems kinda dumb to me, but I don't run the electric company. More's the pity!

Here's the page they gave me that shows the requirement:
I priced out the parts and pieces, and it runs to about 250.00. Which of course I don't have after my down payment on the land itself, so until I can get this up and running, I can't get the well going or do a whole lot of work out there yet. Just cleaning and clearing. I did dig the three foot hole today. Ever tried to use a post hole digger one handed? Lets just say it took me awhile....
I also have to take down two burned dead trees, and as all I have is an electric chainsaw, used for clearing dead limbs here in town, I'm gonna have to cut them by hand. And they're oak...Well seasoned after two years since the fire, and hard as a rock.
Here's some pictures of what I have to work with:
Facing East. This is the foundation that's all that remains of the house that was destroyed by fire 2 years ago.

Still facing East. Panned camera to show the rusted out empty metal shed, and the fireplace that's still (barely) standing. Notice the back half is separated, and ready to fall.

Showing the perfectly good electrical pole that I have been told is "unusable".

This is my pool! Its 12 feet deep at the end with the diving board! Unfortunately someone cleaning their property after the fires saw fit to dispose of their bricks and debris in the shallow end. I appreciate the free brick, but they could have stacked 'em neatly!!

Just in front of the pool to the North. I'm really gonna have to see my brother about welding together that log splitter I posted about on Friday.

Facing Northeast. That's the berm that separates the foundation from the road on the other side. And it's hard to see, but in the upper right corner, to the right of the foremost tree is where I had to dig the 3' hole.

Another shot of the pool. No diving allowed!

Facing West North West. That's my car that keeps complaining I treat it like a truck in the background, parked on my own blacktop driveway. Which I will have to cut a path through to run an electric line to my well. Its in a field on the other side.

My backyard. You wouldn't believe how many deer paths, bed down sign, and spoor there is out in the tall dead weeds between the burned trees. I've also seen turkey out here, and heard raccoons arguing back and forth.

Facing due east from the edge of the pool. That round looking thing used to be the fiberglass pool filter.

Just some of the burned out rusted metal junk I have to get rid of sitting in the ashes.

My beautiful young bride, preparing our lunch of summer sausage, cheese, crackers, and baby dill pickles. The square in the center of the pic is one of the foundation support bases. Every single brick along the foundation walls and in these picture has to be removed, and they fall into fifty or so pieces when you attempt to lift them. Just completely crumble~

An add on to the original structure on the East end of the house. I'm probably gonna clear the junk and use it as a large raised garden in the future.

 And there ya have it folks. What a man with only one good arm and his blushing bride have to work with. As you can see, I should have a LOT of update material for this blog once I get my shit together out there.

Please stay tuned....


Phil said...

You need a pick up, badly. Gonna need some kind of wagon that you can pull with your good arm too.
Ya ought to try and save that chimney brick before it falls over and busts up. Brick ain't cheap when ya need it and you could use it for raised beds if nothing else, fancy ones.
There is a shit ton of work to do there but it'll keep ya out of the taverns and how fucking cool is it that ya got ya a cee-ment pond?

Xenolith said...

A pickup is definitely in the future. But its only one of a whole shitload of necessities I have now... Priority is the electric, something to live in, well pump, pump house to keep thieves from walkin off with it, four wheel garden cart, lawn tractor,... Beans and bullets gonna have to be put on hold. Think I'll keep up my stock of bandaids though!