Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The ZOMG factor

Liberals have been trying to take away our ability to defend ourselves with firearms for a LOOOOONG time.
So, what will happen if (doubtful) they ever succeed? The obvious progressive march of the Liberal is to continue on its course of tyranny, going further and ever further to take away our rights. Using 'opportunities' such as the Sandy Hook shooting, whether false flag or otherwise, they cry foul and demand law abiding gun owners are inherently 'not to be trusted'.

If we ever lose our guns, they will accordingly go for our knives. Our chainsaws. Blunt objects. They are already doing their damnedest to take our children's minds, will they want to take our hands so we can sit in a small chair looking out the window as they go about their business of destroying America while spoon feeding those they have rendered incapable of wiping our own collective asses, and no longer able to defend our Constitution?

Of course they will. Fucking Liberals. After they use excuses like the following article, they will start on bludgeoning victims, and of course the obvious lethalness of the game 'knockout' being perpetrated by gangster thugs means that we just cannot be trusted to use our hands responsibly...

How could one person with a knife kill five people at a party?


Jesse in DC said...

Have you ever read Unintended Consequences"? The first 3/4 of the book outlines the march by the Democrat party to disarm us from 1934, up until the book was written in the 90s. Its amazing when you read about all the things they have done to us, in order, at one time. If you have not read it, I'd advise you to find a copy.
Jesse in DC

Xenolith said...

Not surprised, Jesse. Sounds like a decent read. I'll hit the used book store here in town and see if they have a copy. Just remember, after you hide your guns, build a back up hideout for your kitchen knives. Damned hard to cut up a squirrel with a spoon!