Sunday, April 27, 2014

That's what They want...

"Our" government is even more insidious than I previously realized.
See, Obama knows the dollar is dying. He should, he orchestrated it. He knows that educated people are a threat. Hence Common Core. Its not enough that our progeny can't even make change without a machine telling them the exact amounts.

And now this:
Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill to Authorize Gold and Silver as Legal Tender, 37-4

We are screwed. Take a common core graduate, give him an ounce of gold. Forget about that whole decimal system thing. Now make change in Fractions! And Heaven forbid he needs to make change in ounces to a pound. There's SIXTEEN of them! They can't make change based on TENS! And they have fingers and toes for that!

Picture this scenario: Guy walks into a tobacco shop, (yes, they still exist despite 'vaping') and wants a pennyweight of tobacco, and he's paying in gold. Poor clerk tries to figure out what a penny is worth in gold, how much a penny weighs, how many fractions based on sixteen he needs to make change for, out of a 64th of an ounce, rips off his clothes, goes screaming down the street naked, and spends the rest of his life drooling down his straightjacket and being taken care of by the government.

We are SO screwed.

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Odysseus said...

Immersion style fiscal literacy instead of linguistic literacy.

Time to make some popcorn and watch the natural selection at work;)