Wednesday, October 20, 2021

That's what loving husbands Do...

My wife, Rose, loves birds. As of this morning she has five seed feeders and one suet feeder hanging in various locations in front of our living room/front porch. One of her favorite birds is the flamingo. Which is why we have a line of flamingo lights on our front porch, TWO flamingo themed wind chimes, a fluffy toy flamingo on a porch post, and two tacky plastic pink flamingo yard statues. Yes, THOSE tacky pink yard statues...oh, and a flamingo scrubber holder on the counter and a Christmas flamingo ornament in a Santa hat sitting on a shelf year round! She also enjoys decorating for the holidays. SO FAR, we have pumpkins, a ghost, and a unicorn skeleton out and about lurking in the area. So, as a loving husband, what can I do to combine these two things she loves with my own talents? This:

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!