Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Offense Taken

Isn't it bad enough that shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent use the name of our great country in their title in the first place, while their entire reason for existing is to dumb down and entertain the masses while our government enacts laws and rules solely designed to control 'we the people', without denigrating our flag too? 
The opening scene to America's Got Talent was on the television tonight while Rose was scrolling down the list of mindless pap available to deaden our minds, and I happened to see a shot of a parachute descending the skies with an unbelievably HUGE American flag unfurled below him, with clips of ordinary, everyday citizens stopping whatever they were doing and staring upward in wonder.
Now, keep in mind I did not KNOW this was America's Got Talent. I just heard patriotic music, and looked up and saw this inspiring sight on TV, and was observing the parachuter's descent in appropriate appreciation of a majestic televised stunt.

Then I saw the parachuter land. Imagine my disgust; my outrage; my UTTER DISBELIEF when I saw some black actor, whose name I don't recall, nor care to, land at the entrance to the studio.

Has it come to this? Americans watching a show with America in the title, with a grand PATRIOTIC theme to kick it off, being more concerned with brain dead entertainment than the fact that some fucking nigger just effectually shit on the American flag?

Now, I'm sure they meant no offense.....


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