Wednesday, March 30, 2016

is it just me? or... (UPDATE at the end)

Is anyone else sick and tired of weather fear porn?

It's just one more case of fear mongering in order to control the actions of the sheeple. Animals sense bad weather, earthquakes, pretty much any natural threat. Sheeple,  not so much. 

But we have the advantage over the dumb beasts of the field. We have Weathermen! 

Oh, to be a weatherman!  Get up, put on a tie, or more currently a dress with a good view of cleavage, and tell all the little people "There's a 50 percent chance of rain today". 

Think about this: With all the benefits of modern technology and years of advanced education, these scions of science tell us that basically 'it will rain, or it won't'. Now pay me...

All the while debasing our already bastardized grammar further with their inability to use big-boy words like 'precipitation'! It's 'precip' this, and 'precip' that.

Look, really, if you can't say the big-boy words, or the sheeple are too dumb downed to understand them, why not use simple terms? Like, oh I don't know, RAIN? Seems good to me. We not only learn liquid is falling out of the sky, but we learn what physical aspects are associated with it. It's wet, not frozen, and is moving in a downward direction.

Yesterday, here in Oklahoma, we were warned, to the point of issuing severe weather advisories, that we should prepare for Tennis Ball Sized Hail, Tornadoes, 75 Mile per hour straight line winds, and the distinct possibility of, of my dear Lord, PRECIP!

That was last night. This morning at 4, it was golf ball sized hail, POSSIBILITY of MAYBE an F2 tornado or two,  and wind gusts to 40 MPH. 

It's now about 6 AM, and no mention of hail, wins might get 25 MPH, and they're determinedly shying away from the dreaded 'T-word'.

Weather porn. Stock up, this is TEOTWAWKI, go beat up an old lady at the store over that last jug of water, final pack of D batteries, and sole remaining pack of Slim Jims.

Oh wait... What's that?... Well folks, weather is tricky. Just be glad it wasn't the catastrophe it was SUPPOSED to be...

And I was looking forward today to grabbing a six pack, turning on my NOAA radio, and enjoying the show in a lawn chair while playing a few hands of Texas Holdem with Gamblin' James. You can usually get a seat there for around 15 bucks...

UPDATE: Got MAYBE a half hour of light rain. Even heard thunder once...Fucking overpaid monkeys...)


Anonymous said...

You may remember a movie a few years back called "The Perfect Storm." More appropriately it should have been titled "The Greedy Idiots". These idiots were told several times that deadly storms were in the vicinity where they were going. But they wanted so badly to make the last catch of the season they went out anyway. Two separate storms combined and made a hurricane, and they were all killed. What they didn't tell you in the movie was that the national weather service was sued because they didn't tell them that it could potentially turn into a hurricane, and the families were awarded $15 mill or so. Ever since then the weather service forecasts everything and anything that might occur even if it is more likely you would win the lottery than what they say "May" occur will actually occur!

fjord said...

It's not just you.
Not at all.