Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I'm sure all of you know what those three letters mean. We have all used them.
Maybe that's part of our problem in this country. Rather than say "What the fuck?" we use just that three letter acronym. I can only imagine three reasons for this, and none of them says much for Americans in general.
First, its easier. We can't be bothered to spend our valuable time we could be using in our many sybaritic and venal pursuits.
Second, we're conceited. Our narcissist attitude makes our needs paramount. We see no reason to expend effort typing out three long words. We already know what we mean. Fuck the readers, let them figure it out.
Third, we are unwilling to take resposibility for our actions. If we don't actually type out the word 'fuck' we are exempt from the social stigma of using that once offensive, but now all too common, expression.

All of these things are pandemic in our society. Work? Why, the government pays you an "entitlement". Those lucky enough to actually have a job being unwilling to offer charitable support to those who are in need, and those who would receive this charity taking it as their due rather than a hand in getting their own shit together.
We no longer take responsibility for ourselves. The highest position of honor and dedication in our country, that of President of These United States, is held by a shining example of the downfall of our people. An almost perfect parody of Sergeant Schultz, he nows nothing of what is going on in order to avoid culpability.

I do vehemently NOT include those of us who embody the true spirit of our country. Those few amongst the sheeple who do not graze complacently and call ourselves the III.
We are the hope where there is mostly despair. We are those who support each other and keep the wolves away from the flock.

As it becomes harder and harder to claim pride in being American, we remain steadfast and ready as Patriots.

So, WTF? How will this get fixed? IDK. But I do know the fix will not come from our government, but from Us.

(OMG, typing this one letter at a time on this POS phone sucks!)

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