Friday, July 11, 2014

Temporarily out of my head...

...and can't hear the voices!

First, a great big Thank You to Hiswiserangel for posting on my behalf! I am currently behind the eightball (again, what else is new?), and am having to post this from an older iphone. Busted my newer phone on some bricks, and even insured it will cost $175.00 to replace it.
I'm spending most of my time on the farm, trying to get shit going, and have run into some government crap policies that are causing me physical and financial problems. I had to pawn some items to keep electric on in town, and as I really don't own a lot of pawnable shit, my computers and guns were the first prisoners of war.
Not looking for help here, I'll get through this. Just letting you know that with no internet out there, and having to use my POS phone in town, my blog is going to have to be put (mostly) on hold.

Sorry folks. I'm trying...

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Anonymous said...

You do what you can . Hope your back soon . One of the lurkers .