Thursday, July 3, 2014

Noble, Oklahoma

When I finally move out to my land, my city of residence will be Noble, OK. Now, I've been through this town a number of times, going from one place to another, but haven't really had any reason to stop.
And to go to my property, I usually go down a state highway that goes straight past my street, and doesn't go through any towns.

But today, my wife, with her usual instinctive sense of direction, (Completely nonexistent!) was planning on stopping at Church's Chicken for a quick bite on our way out. Unfortunately, by deciding to alter her route to get there, she missed the road entirely, so I suggested we just head straight through Noble, and go to the property from there after getting a bite.

WOW! I like Noble!  This is the first time I actually paid attention, as we were looking for a place to eat, and what the hell, I'm gonna be living here!

The first thing I noticed after we parked was a lady sitting at a table she had set up outside her shop, and the smell of herbs and spices was wafting up the street to where I was standing. So we went down and introduced ourselves, and were treated to a rundown on her different concoctions of herbs, cheeses, spices, and the like, to make cheese balls, dips, chili. Just different assortments. As I do the majority of the cooking now, I can see myself spending a lot of time in this little shop. I love using different herbs and spices in my dishes!

So after talking with her for a few minutes, we started up the street to a small restaurant we had noticed called Kendall's. BUT... across the street I noticed THIS store:
Unbeknownst to me, right here in Noble, OK, we have The Faithful Prepper! I have seen his site online, but did not know he was in my new home town! Stopped in and introduced myself, met Steve and Kacy, talked guns, prep, and 2nd amendment. You know, the usual. Got their business card,
Okay, it's been in my pants pocket all day. But I got it!
Figured I'd give his site a shout out as long as I also plan to spend a LOT of money here over time, too! I'll more than likely do a separate post on the store when I get some time and/or a little extra funds to actually shop there! Granted, I buy most of my metal mayhem tools direct from the companies like Cold Steel, CH Kadels, BudK, but I'm still psyched as hell about them being "just yonder" from my homestead. I also plan to check out some of the classes they offer!

Then it was back across the street to Kendall's Restaurant:
Just stopped in for a bite, but had no idea one does NOT just step into Kendall's for 'a' bite. Their menu reads like a gustatory encyclopedia of great food!
I ordered the Widowmaker: 2 HUGE beef patties, grilled onions, shaved grilled ham, cheddar cheese, pickles, homemade ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, all stuffed between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. (jalapenos on the side...) A side of sour cream and chive potato wedges, and EVERY meal comes with a homemade cinnamon roll for dessert. Whether you have room for it or not.
Rose just had a regular bacon cheeseburger. (Why didn't I think to add bacon to my Widowmaker? Damn!). She couldn't finish it. It was only ONE of my patties. She didn't used to be such a lightweight! But seriously, it was huge also.
Two sweet iced teas finished our order, and the whole thing came to around $24.00. A lot more than we'd have spent at Church's fast food style chicken joint, but infinitely more worthwhile!
Told the manager I was going to put the restaurant on a post. If you EVER get to Oklahoma, make it a point to take a side trip to Noble and visit Kendall's. Or better yet, just come to Oklahoma to GO to Kendall's. Its not often I find a restaurant I especially like. This place has a $25.00 dollar meal consisting of a TRIPLE order of chicken fried steak, double order of potatoes, double order of green beans, and if you finish it in an hour, you get a t-shirt! If I ever get ahead, even a little bit, (doubtful with the Faithful Prepper just across the street from them..) I'm gonna go for it. Wish me luck in advance. For a little guy I can eat! I admit I didn't finish my potato wedges today, but I had already had lunch, and two pieces of left over chicken just before we left the house in Norman. (Which is why we were going to Church's in the first place, I had already had mine, and Rose was hungry...)
So that was my introduction to my new home town. I think I'm gonna like it here...
PS. This doesn't qualify as a Turn Here Rose post, because I never once  mentioned we were going out there to feed and water the pigs...

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