Friday, July 11, 2014

MS 13

Can somebody PLEASE tell me the difference between the Mexican gang MS13 and Al Quaeda?
 Besides the fact that we are bringing MS 13 into America. Hmmm, a group of militant thugs who use torture, intimidation, and violence to gain their objectives. About the only difference I see is location.

Terrorists. Coming to your town through the auspicious actions of your federal government!


Anonymous said...

MS 13 is a Salvadoran gang, NOT Mexican.
As to your other question, not really all that much since they use the same type of tactics, fear, threats, intimidation and outright brutal extermination of any who get in the way of their quest for power and control.

Odysseus said...

Murdering psychopathic torturers who follow Santeria vs murdering psychopathic torturers who follow Islam.

Dick said...

As I've stated before: Shoot on sight.