Sunday, July 13, 2014

Turn Here Rose (took four hours to create this damn post. ..)

They delivered my building on Tuesday, (Pictures to follow) and of course it turns out I screwed myself again. After it was set in place, I called the electric company, and they set up an appointment to 'stake'the spot where they are going to put the pole. Now I've been using a small generator for my electrical needs rather than purchase all the materials needed for a temporary post,  because I was informed by the technician that I could get a permanent pole installed once I had a building on the property.
So I stayed out there on Tuesday for the building,  then on Wednesday for the electrician.  Three digit degree heat,  no a/c, and sleeping in the ground or hard floor.
Then the tech tells me on Wednesday that as soon asi geta permit for the building,  since it's already wired for electric,  he'll schedule the pole installation. And of course,  I have to pull all the insulation so the permit inspector can verify the wiring meets code. 
However,  if I opt to put in a temp pole (at my expense) I can get a permit for twenty bucks and they only inspect the pole. So after all this, I'm back at square one, but spent the money I would have used to buy materials for the temp setup on the wired,  insulated building.  Being a landowner has its moments, huh? FUCK!
Also,  on Monday I picked up a brush mower. Got a couple pictures of that too.
And now,  without further ado:
Building front. You can see through to the hole in the back wall.
The interior has been partitioned with a small room in front, and this section as the main space. And yes, I have an attic.  Frankly,  I'd rather have the headroom, but it is what it is. I can always keep Rose up there when she gets senile. ..

Left wall of front entryway. 

View into interior from the hole cut in the wall and they removed the AC unit.

Not much air circulation inside,  so I put my tarp shelter up in front. Still sleep out here, too.

My. .. ahem... Not in the house yet, for reasons that should be rather self evident

My shower. That hole in back came in handy.  As did the two by four I used for checking level.

Picture of my weed eater. Yes,  he's in a plastic tub in the back seat of my car. A needless precaution,  as he was quite the gentleman (gentlegoat?) and didn't crap until I took him out of the car.

Off the job! Lazy little shit spent most of the evening under my chair, where I could just reach to occasionally scratch his crown.

Right side of front entry.  Washer and dryer will be going here.

Told the idiot towing the building that I hadn't done much more than weed whacked the tall grass. He ran over a piece of rebar with his front tire. Poor schmuck.

Well,  that's it for my farm report.  Only took me about four hours on this damn phone! I'll try to get more posts out,  but at this rate, don't expect miracles! 

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