Monday, July 7, 2014

Sadly, I doubt it

I was reading an article about the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, concerning American GI's taking over the local corrupt government at gunpoint, and installing their own.

This was in 1946. American Patriots revolting in response to government corruption. It could not only happen AGAIN in America, but it DID happen more than once in our history!

But the part of the post that caught my eye was this paragraph:

Real patriots don’t want to pick up their guns at the first sign of pain.  History has shown that patriots do it as a last resort.  But even as recent as 1946, men realized that it was necessary to pick up arms to defend what was right.  The question is, will THIS generation, or if necessary, future generations, take up arms to do what is right?

My fear is that as we lose our progeny to Common Core education, free handouts, incentives to not work in favor of governmental 'entitlements', immorality and deviant behavior as the norm, bigotry being promoted to keep us at war with each other, and an increasingly corrupt government, the 'will to resist' will be atrophied into nonexistence.

Blind acceptance of government lies and schoolhouse indoctrination to 'sit down, shut up, do as we say, and how we say to do it' will warp the spirit that caused our forefathers to create this country as a living, self relegating ideal.

So its up to us. Do we idly sit by and let our future and that of our progeny be usurped and 'reeducated'? Because I believe if we let this country go on the road down which she's being led, future generations will no longer have the ability to stand and say, as our forefathers did, "Give me liberty, or give me death!". (Patrick Henry)

No more shall we sit down, shut up, and do as they say, and how they say it, simply because TPTB SAY to do it that way. We are Americans. We have the ability to self regulate. To govern our own behavior. We as citizens of this nation have an inherent sense of right and wrong. It is only our leaders who seem to have lost this sense of decency and righteousness. And they wish us to follow in their terrible footsteps.

If we let our great country die, I pray for her soul. And that history will forgive us.

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