Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Very First Post. One year ago..

Today is the first anniversary of beginning this blog. So far, it has been a lot more work than I thought it would be, reading the blithe, always interesting, and so easily written articles of Wirecutter, Hiswiserangel, and Phil (aka Bustednuckles). You folks led me right into this shit with your silver fingered segues from reality into the blogosphere! May your genitals be inflicted with the fleas of a thousand camels!

What follows was my original and first ever post, with some notes in red where something may have gone awry or changed a bit:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The voices in my head...

...told me I should start a blog of my own after following others for quite awhile now. I got a screwed up shoulder, so I gotta type one handed. (Kinda like a prostitute, we're both Hunt 'n peckers...) So if I type too slow for ya, too bad. (Hand works better, and I use it mostly for the mouse on my lap rather than the keyboard, but the shoulder will never work again!)
This is going to be a conservative, anti-big government kinda thing with random thoughts thrown in for good measure. (And nekkid wimmen, lots and lots of nekkid wimmen!) Just starting up, so don't expect glorious stuff right off the bat, but I'll do my best to keep it interesting enuff to come back to once in a while. (Hopefully I have lived up to this goal. Not always easy, and sometimes just wanna quit, but it has all been worthwhile in the long run!)
Gotta git wif some of my blogfriends out there and figure out the whole "link to my site" thing so I can get their blogs listed. (Obviously figured it out, and my bloglist has grown considerably. Many more being added than taken off when they stopped posting.)
I am pro everything. Period. (No change. Do what you gotta do! Just don't try to make me do it with you. Of course, if you ask real nice, there's always a chance...)
More a Libertarian than a Conservative (I think). Libertarian sounds less opinionated anyway, and more "Leave me the fuck alone-ish". (Decided Constitutionalist was the word I was looking for!)  I care about very few people, and like it that way.(Most of THOSE are reading this...) I DON'T care about some ragheaded fucker in some country ending in -istan blowing up his fellow countryman. And although its probably not politically correct, I don't care about all those folks in Newtown either. Yes, I do feel bad for what they have to go through, and wouldn't wish that on anyone, but I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. And if the poor sheeple bleeding hearts who parade devastated families like that around for their own agenda think taking guns away from honest, law abiding citizens is the way to FIX this, all I can say is: BULLSHIT. (Well, that's not ALL I can say, but it does sum it up fairly well....)

Gonna go play around and see how to link some sites to this thing, and let my blogfriends know I aspire to be just like them. (only better looking...) (Managed to figure out how most of this shit works. Still can't figure out how to get a simple mp3 file to load into a post without a whole damned video, but other than that... I hope you have enjoyed my little road trip down the information highway over the past 12 months, and I won't guarantee that I won't get dejected when y'all read my shit and no one comments, but I'll still keep plugging away. Thank you to all my readers and especially to my mentors and friends. You know who you are.)
 Xeno out.

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