Friday, July 18, 2014

No big shit

At least not in the house in town! I can't thank Stevierayv and one of my readers named Jim who showed up and busted their butts helping me. Although I admit I really felt pretty bad when Jim's clutch starting smoking like a chimney moving his trailer into position at the farm. But Stevierayv stepped up and hauled the trailer for the subsequent 2 trips.

It rained all day yesterday,  and the chicken pen was a quagmire of muck,  but some brute strength and some maneuvering got it moved.

These were two guys,  (and a girl,  Jim brought his adult daughter to help! ) who drove anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours to help a stranger.  GOOD men.  And I owe them a great debt of gratitude.  I fervently pray they never need any help in the future,  but if they do, I'll be there come he'll or high water.

We didn't do any shooting,  but had a good time after all the work was done,  had some good country ribs,  corn on the cob,  a beer or two,  and we separated to get back to our lives. Strangers who met, worked together,  and parted friends.

A good day!
And they mocked me when I tried lighting a fire.  I even used my firesteel! 

Jim's daughter, Christy. Did more work than some of us today.
Okay, more than ME anyway...

That's Jim on the left. Drove over an hour hauling his trailer
To help me out. One of the most talkative dudes I've ever met. But his daughter
says he don't socialize much, so I'm glad he had the opportunity to
share some of his life with me. This is one fascinating individual!
Oh, that there specimen of virile male pulchritude is the inimical Stevierayv himself
on the right! 
And I'd like to add here that it's not very nice making fun of your host's fire starting ability,  or taking video when he's lighting home made napalm with a fire stick (Christy)!

Ps. Send it to my email and I'll post it. Promise. 


Phil said...

Good deal.
Fuckin' A Man, that must be a load off.

My hat is off to all 3 for stepping up to the plate.

stevierayv said...

It was my pleasure I got more out of it than you did.I like helping folks it's my thing.

Leigh said...

Righteous folks, they are. Would have loved to have helped if you were closer Steve.
Be well.

Whitehall, NY