Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'll take my grandkids over obama

My grandkids don't think it's fair when they have to stop playing, and are told to pick up their toys.
So does obama. Tell him he can't take his toys and go golfing, out comes the lower lip.

My grandkids get in an argument with each other, and they always say the other one started it.
So does obama. Everything that has ever gone wrong in his time as Resident of the United States is somebody else's fault!

My grandkids will lie when they're caught doing something they shouldn't, or to get what they want.
So does obama. You don't think he said "you can keep your doctor" just to get his signature obamacare passed?

My grandkids, when asked a question about their behavior or actions will say: "I don't know."
So does obama. He only knows what's going on when he hears about it in his mainstream media.

My grandkids are six and three. They are learning societal norms, responsibility, and consequence.
Not so obama. He's just a psychopath.

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