Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips, tricks, and tools

I was going to do a post on activated charcoal, but basically, I can't recommend trying it at home, and for filtering purposes, finely ground black wood charcoal works just about as well.

So, today's post is going to be about toilets. Specifically kid toilets.

Tomorrow my wife is going in for a colonoscopy AND endoscopy. Basically a camera in both ends and see where they meet in the middle. (Talk about getting to know your inner self!)

Anyway, our adopted daughter is coming to take her to the hospital tomorrow, and bringing the grandkids with her. And we only have ONE toilet in the house, and its got a 'Reserved for Rose' sign on it.
Now, any of us grownups can go use the bucket of woodash out in the shed. Its annoying, but better than trying to make Mount Vesuvius hold back an eruption....

The kids on the other hand might have a problem with a five gallon bucket, plus going out to the shed, so ol' Grandpa took care of it.

Sam's club sells detergent in 3 gallon square buckets, with a nice sturdy lid. Just about the right height for a 5 year old and a 3 year old. I cut a toilet shaped hole in the top, then used that to draw an outline of the hole on a board. Cut that out, and smoothed the edges with a dremel. Still not happy with the result, I then tacked a couple of sheets of cardboard to the top of the board, cut a hole approx. an inch less all around the edges of the hole in the cardboare, and cut slits to bend them down inside the wood. Used hot glue to hold them down, and now have a decent seat goin' on.

Then I took the cover off, lined the box with a kitchen trash bag, put in some kitty litter, and then tacked 10 plastic grocery bags, one inside the other, to the outside of the cardboard seat, hanging inside, one inside the other.

Kid uses the toilet, pull the wings of the grocery bag off the tack, tie, and drop.

Not the best solution, I'm sure. But Grandpa don't clean up kid poop!

And if this ain't a TT&T post, I don't know what is!

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