Saturday, March 21, 2015

We forgot to set our alarms and our nation sleeps on...

When are we as a nation, born out of our ancestors in a desire to be free, going to wake up? Even those of us lucky enough to have made a decent life for ourselves, and hopefully our descendants, have to fear that it can all be taken in one moment.
Who among us can claim that there is no niggling fear in our minds as we lay awake in the small morning hours categorizing our achievements, that our own government can, and many times has, stolen the fruits of these achievements?
Those of us who are poor have little enough to make it through a single day. Leaving what little we have therefore even more precious.
Those managing a comfortable life; nice house, two cars, 2.5 kids, and having managed to find the American dream, can lose it all through one calamitous event. The cost of a single operation from an accident can be devastating, and a mathematical error on a tax sheet can be ruinous.
And yes, even those among the rich fear. Our Government has become a collection of the best career politicians money can buy! But what if you buy the wrong one?  A million dollar investment to ensure your financial security can just as easily be taken by the next. Our politicians care less about our lives than they do that of the cows butchered for their next steak dinner;  so long as the millions keep rolling in.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence weren't all rich any more than they were all poor.  They were farmers, lawyers, business owners; a mix of average men who decided they no longer wished to live under the fear of someone else deciding their futures.
What they had, that we don't, is a clear focus of an enemy separate from themselves.  They saw through their own eyes the wrongs being thrust upon them, and we're able to unite amongst themselves against a visible threat.
Our society has become a nation blind and pacified through 'reality' tv, hero worship of celebrities, be they athletes (some of whom are so uneducated as to barely enable them to sign their own name to their million dollar contacts), or simply born by natural means to be better than average looking, thereby somehow making them above the rest of us.
We no longer have a meaningful say in who will our will not rule over us unless we have the money to back the right horse. Our 'go along to get along' mentality has pervaded every level of society from the Regular Joe who entered politics to somehow make a difference, down to those who turn on their neighbor to get a pat on the head from a big brother system only determined to keep us segregated.

I don't have a long list of links to insert here to prove some kind of plot, or another government cover-up or excess. Why bother? If you can't see the direction of our nation, nor the tyranny we live under, its already too late for you. I don't need to produce (usually fictitious) graphs or pie charts to validate what is right there in front of us.
As a NATION we must open our eyes, get out of our recliners, and WAKE UP before the American dream becomes an apocalyptic nightmare!

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