Saturday, March 28, 2015

Helping a good man who does good work make ends meet

You may notice a new sign there at the top of this blog.
Hanging birdhouse from a single log.

See, three years ago, this entire area I live in was burned to the ground from a wildfire set by a couple of fucked up punks thinking it would be cool to set a field alight.
Interior of one of the chests he's building. 
My neighbor, Jessie, lost everything. He and his wife live on her salary, and it's hard for them to get by month to month. (He has health issues that won't allow him to work away from home). So Jessie plants a really huge garden every year and has a vegetable stand he sells most of the harvest at by his front drive.
Large oaken chest in progress. 
He's also turning the lemons the fire left him into lemonade by creating some absolutely fucking gorgeous tables, benches, chests, and birdhouses out of the dead trees on his property.
A cedar chest from a solid log. I'd kill for this! 
Jessie has helped me out a lot since I moved into the neighborhood, and I'd like to see him make a buck or two.  He deserves it!
This is the cedar chest above, lid closed.
Wish I took better pictures, this is absofuckinglutely gorgeous!
So, I took some pictures of some of his work, most still not quite done, and created that ad. I get NO compensation from either the ad, nor the sales of any of his shit. He has a site on Facebook; koenigkreations@facebook.com.
This accent table is free standing, and about 3' across the top!
Check him out, pass this info to yer friends, hell, repost!
This one works for the guy who has everything, and likes both chest, AND legs.
(Not lacquered yet, but still a beauty! )
He's a good man who does good work, and my photos don't do him justice. 
Log bench in progress. This would be great
around a fire pit, huh? 

Oh, and by the way, yer supporting the III here...

Molon labe!


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