Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 'bring it on' moment

I was born a poor black child... Oh wait.  That was a Steve Martin movie.

It doesn't matter where I was born, I don't remember that particular aspect of my existence. But I was raised in a small farming community on the east coast of Michigan's lower peninsula. Retired army dad with a full pension and a good paying job. Three brothers, two sisters, and of course I was the baby.
Keep in mind, I'm old. This was back around the time of the Cuban missile crisis, and everyone was aware of the potential for nuclear war.
We had a 'fallout shelter' built six feet under ground, cots, food, water, clothes, everything my parents could think of to take care of and protect the family.
We also had a huge garden every year, raised cattle, hogs, goats, chickens, and butchered and preserved both enough meat and vegetables to last at least till the next year.
I was RAISED to be a prepper. Mostly out of my parents fears of people in power doing something stupid.
Now we have a new prepper movement out there. And I agree whole heartedly with the concept of self reliance.
What I don't agree with is these gung-ho idiots who WANT the shit to hit the fan so they can go play Rambo, or sit on their porch with the lemonade they made from fruit they grew in their solar heated hothouse, watching their crops growing all around them thinking "See?  Told ya so.".
The PTB aren't sitting in Washington wringing their hands and hoping the sheep never awaken.  They WANT us to start something.  Obama would like nothing more than to have an excuse to proclaim martial law. And think how many police behave like they can do whatever they want NOW. Can you even possibly think how bad it will be when they CAN?
We 'right wing gun nuts' and Grizzly Adams wannabes are long on talk, (and I'm including myself here), but for the most part short on action. I strive every day to become more proficient at homesteading, and increase my sustainability levels if our government were to fall. But what if it doesn't?
What if it's not the fall of our government that causes the crisis, but the crisis of government that causes the fall?  Internet will no longer be an option as the PTB will control ALL access.  Cell phones are easily shut down. They already control main stream media. And while some sit smugly thinking they'll head to the hills and play hit-and-git like Wolverines, the reality is far less entertaining.
Our own government is the enemy. Not Russia, not China. When the world goes to hell,  (and it pretty much is), we won't have to worry about them. It's those who can reach us we have to be wary of.  And absolute power not only corrupts absolutely, it desires nothing more than to grow. Even the most philanthropic minded individual doesn't give away everything. They too need to maintain themselves and their families. Does anyone truly believe governments are any different?  The only thing they give away is other folks money. They only pass authority to those who support theirs.
Our nation has become corrupt, and soiled by the greed of politicians. We the sheeple are left to graze in our little pastures, fertilizing the land THEY control with OUR preparations, while they sit and laugh at our futile efforts. They want you to start something, Rambo. Go ahead and hate your black neighbor. Burn that synagogue. Make all those plans to pillage and burn when the shit hits the fan.
It's not if, but when.
We must not allow them to turn us against each other. We must not only prepare for ourselves, but for our neighbors as well. The PTB are united and strong. We must unite and be stronger.

Keep your powder dry, neighbor!

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