Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just dreams...

I just read a couple of interesting posts this morning. One concerning how the government takes your right to bear arms and then forces you to pay for a 'license' to get them back in the form of a concealed carry permit, and another over the fear mongering by the government's lapdog, the mainstream media, as it stresses to us over and over the necessity of interference by the PTB in our lives for our own safety.
One of these days I'll learn to wait and read my mail later.  I hate getting pissed off before I've even had my first cup of coffee!
I don't have any issue over paying to use public roads, it saves wear and tear on my car, and I don't have to cut down all those pesky trees to get where I'm going. But forcing me to pay another tax every year to register my car, require me to get a license to drive my car, then using both to keep track of me and every other aspect of my life PISSES ME OFF!
And then off course, the MSM constantly harping on how we have to interfere in this country's politics,  or that country's ethics to somehow preserve our American Way Of Life, while the PTB are giving America to illegal aliens and Islam, somehow just PISSES ME OFF!
I like my coffee, red meat, beer, a bunch of dogs, and doing stupid shit that might get me hurt just because it's fun!
My PARENTS taught me not to drop my pants in public, treat the elderly with the respect their years have earned them, honor my country, choose and follow my own beliefs, and cleave unto the cleaver of my preferred cleaving orientation, while treating the fairer sex with courtesy and respect. The "golden rule" should always be adhered to, and always try to ensure my actions didn't harm others.
I was allowed to put scissors in a light socket! I only did it once, and better to learn to respect electricity with a good solid jolt of 120 volts than die fucking around with 240! I ate candy and drank sodypop. I rode my bike without a helmet and climbed trees forty feet high.
I hunted using a (shudder) UNREGISTERED real gun, whittled with the pocket knife I carried since first grade, which I actually carried in school, but knew to keep in my pocket, and ate what was put in front of me, or had the option to go without.

Reading two separate articles which hit on my two biggest issues with big government first thing in the morning can't be helping my blood pressure.
When the PTB allows laws "for our own good" while giving illegal aliens and foreign beliefs sway over us, then the American Way of life is already gone.
The "American Dream" isn't all that difficult to achieve if the bigwigs in power would simply leave us to live it. It's not some prescribed and steadfast set of rules for everyone. Some love the money game; wheeling and dealing and seeing who dies with the most toys. Some prefer romance; caring for hearth and home and the needs of family or spouse. Some prefer the silence of nature; spending time on land THEY own and coaxing a living from the earth. There are even those who thrive on publicity; the beibers and gagas who get off on wild displays of idiocy.  Well bless 'em all!
The American Dream for me is to be left to live or die doing what I can with what I got. Using skills and training gained over more than half a century on this rock. NOT being told what I should or shouldn't do or how I should do it. Not being told I can or can't do something 'for my own good' and then being punished for not bowing down to the demands of those who think they can run my life better than I can myself. Fuck 'em. In MY dreams, "this" really does equal six inches...

Coffee's done.  I'll be back sometime after my blood pressure gets back to normal... Think I'll have a cigarette with my coffee while they're both still legal.

So what's 'the dream' for you?

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